Special thanks to Fred Raab for this video.




Peter Terezakis, Words on Works.

Terezakis is an artist who works with contemporary technology to create artworks with spiritual resonance   Alex Grey and Terezakis have been friends for since 1986.  Roger Malina, Leonardo, ISAST, Lillian Schwartz, James Seawright, Terezakis constructivist sculptor.  Terezakis kinetic sculptor.  Terezakis light art.  Terezakis art of the spirit.  Terezakis Greek heritage. Terezakis Far Side of the Salton Sea Terezakis 2004. Heart Beats Light Terezakis 2004. I wish Terezakis 2004. September 11 Terezakis 2002. Interim Terezakis 2002. Memory Terezakis 2001. Salvation Mountain Terezakis 2004. Lux Obscura Terezakis 2004. Ghosts of the Gods Terezakis 2001.  Nekropolikia Terezakis 2000. White Sand Black Sky Terezakis 1999. The Montgomery Project Terezakis 1998. Burning Man Terezakis 1998. States of Change Terezakis 1998. Wall of Dreams Terezakis 1997. Nagare Terezakis 1996. All the Names of God Terezakis 1993. l'Autre Terezakis 1996. Logos Terezakis 1996. Rubaiyat Terezakis 1996. Reading Landscape Terezakis 1996. Betrayal Terezakis 1996.  Zoe Terezakis 1995. Soul Terezakis 1994. Battle for Earth Terezakis 1993. Tutelary Deities Terezakis 1991. CZM 300 Terezakis 1983.  Words on Works Illuminated Landscapes Terezakis 2003.  Web Design Terezakis. Terezakis Career Notes.  Terezakis Seido Karate student.  Terezakis History of Art and Technology.  Terezakis Billy Kluver.  Terezakis Teaching. Contact Terezakis. Peter Terezakis.  Terezakis New York City.  Terezakis School of Visual Arts.  Terezakis University of California San Diego. Terezakis San Diego State University. Terezakis Columbia University. Terezakis Manhattan Community College.  Terezakis City College. Peter Terezakis Words on Works.